The St’át’imc Hydro Agreement covers all past, present and future impacts, grievances and claims of the St’át’imc related to the planning, placement, construction and ongoing operation of existing BC Hydro facilities within our territory.

The Agreement encompasses financial compensation as well as: Watershed plans that help restore the fish, wildlife and vegetation; a heritage plan that will help fix Hydro’s impacts on our heritage and culture and ensure that there are no additional impacts. and a relations document that outlines how BC Hydro must deal with and consult us.

On April 9, 2011 all 11 St’át’imc Communities cast ballots and 72% voted in favour of this agreement, a settlement which provides mitigation of impacts, immediate and long term financial benefits and economic opportunities. The agreement will provide BC Hydro and the Province of B.C. with operational certainty for BC Hydro’s existing facilities into the future.

For more information in the voting results, read our press release.

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