Colleen Jacob_croppedḰalhwá7al’ap Nsneḱwnúkwa7

Colleen Jacob nskwátsitsa

Xaxli’pmeckan múta7 St’at’imeckan.

SGeraldine John múta7 sGerald Jacob I nslalíl’tema. Nilh sLouise Abbott (Sheep) múta7 sNancy Jacob (Dan) I nkúkukw7a. Nilh sJohnny Bates múta7 sErnest Jacob I nspezpápez7a. sArne Jack ta skwátsitssa nkwtámtsa. Nkekalhás nskúz7a. My daughter, Kandice married Corey Charlie of Sts’ailes (Chehalis) and they have two children, Skeezix & Carly. My sons are Pat Alec & Balian Narcisse, plus we are helping to raise my nephew Jaron Michel.

I enjoy practicing our St’át’imc way of life including fishing, hunting & picking our natural foods & medicines. I learned how to make medicinal salves from Morgan Wells, which I continue to make for family & friends.

I also garden as a way to sustain my family by cold storing vegetables, and I am very interested in learning how to preserve seeds, especially heirloom and organic.

I’ve received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, along with a Native Studies Research Certificate, a Community Economic Development Post-Baccalaureate, and took language courses at Simon Fraser University. Through NVIT, I have a Native Adult Instructors Certificate, and I completed a Master’s degree in Planning at the University of BC.

My interest has always been in planning, which I started with doing Comprehensive Community Planning, and since then I have been involved in doing feasibility studies, research projects, teaching, land use planning, etc.