Laura also known as Grizzlypaws believes in the diversity – education must meet the standards of diverse tribes and communities; Culture – the importance of culturally determined ways of thinking, communicating and living; Respect – the relationship between the individual and the group recognized as mutually empowering; Vitality – recognition of the strength of Indigenous people and culture; Place – the importance of sense of place, land and territory; and Transformation – commitment to personal and societal change.

Her education background consists of a Masters of Education in Education Foundation Land Based Education(2011); Bachelor of General Studies Degree Double Minor Linguistics & First Nation Studies(2007); Bachelor of Education Degree in Curriculum Development & Instruction (2007); Professional Development Teaching Certificate (2006); Language Proficiency Certificate (2003); Counselling & Wellness Certificate (2003). Laura was also granted a Language Heroes award for the British Columbia Salishan language family. Her educational accomplishments gained were made possible through the balance of traditional and spiritual practices of her St’át’imc cultural heritage. She looks forward to her new role as the St’át’imc Education & Training Manager.

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