Rose Ellen, Xaxl’ipmec, is a LUOS Northern Mapper for SCC. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in First Nation Studies, and First Nations Research Certificate, from Simon Fraser University (SFU) 2007. She completed a 6-week Archaeology Field School at Kamloops, which included excavation of a house pit, cataloging artifacts and report writing, as well as studies in Ethno botany and Traditional Ecological Knowledge. The main regional topic of her studies was the Secwepmec and the St’át’imc. She has completed the Resource Information Standards Committee (RIC) training by Terra Archaeology 2011, which enables her to assist in Archaeology Impact Assessments. She also assisted in excavating a birch basket within St’át’imc Territory. Rose Ellen is eager to learn about the past St’át’imc activities through archaeological fieldwork, research, and the peoples’ knowledge.