As part of the St’át’imc/B. C. Hydro Settlement Agreement, ratified May, 2011, the St’át’imc Government Services (SGS) Heritage and Culture Team is working on several projects in St’át’imc Territory.

SGS Heritage and Culture has a busy field season planned. This year is the first field season of a five-year plan to record and assess sites impacted by B.C. Hydro’s past operations, as well as monitor new and ongoing B.C. Hydro projects.

Our Heritage and Culture team consists of; Archaeologist and Team Lead, Nadine Gray; Heritage Field Assistants Leanne Narcisse and Rose Ellen Narcisse; Heritage Field Technician, Chester Alec, and GIS Mapping Technician, Nora Billy. The goal of the SGS Heritage Team is the protection, preservation and management of all aspects of St’át’imc Heritage. Our work is directed by the following objectives:

  1. Document St’át’imc cultural heritage sites.
  2. Promote the internal exchange of St’át’imc knowledge, beliefs and values for the protection of cultural traditions past and present.
  3. Protect heritage sites through education and communication with St’át’imc and non-St’át’imc organizations.
  4. Provide capacity building opportunities to enable St’át’imc heritage workers to continue to serve as stewards of St’át’imc Territory.
  5. Maintain the integrity of St’át’imc heritage by ensuring heritage sites and objects are protected, preserved and managed with St’át’imc values and traditions.
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