The Relations Agreement is between BC Hydro, SCC and 11 St’at’imc communities with the goal of building a respectful, effective and evolving relationship.

The Agreement provides for ongoing processes for St’at’imc and BC Hydro to work together on the following:  information sharing (s.4); operations update (s.7); emergencies and unplanned or unforeseen events (s.5); business contracting through Direct Awards; and other opportunities (s.8 and schedule B); employment, education and training plan (s.10) and environmental management and protection (s.13).  There are processes for any material changes to the Bridge River and Cheakamus facilities, any new facilities (s.15), New Transmission Line (s.16), removal or closure of facilities (2.17) and surplus lands (s.18).

The Relations Agreement also identifies the Steering Committee, Education & Training Committee and Implementation team.   The Relations Agreement identifies terms for the Steering Committee and Education & Training Committee.

Each of BC Hydro and St’at’imc appoint its Relations Manager.  The St’at’imc Relations Manager  is the point of contact for the St’at’imc and all communications to BC Hydro or St’at’imc required by the St’at’imc Agreement is sent to each of the Party’s Relations Manager.


St’at’imc Relations Manager

Contact information


Phone: 250.256.0425 ext. 228

Cell:  778.209.0377

Fax: 250.256.0425