The St’át’imc Government Services (SGS) Environment Program is one component of the St’át’imc/BC Hydro Settlement Agreement. Program priorities include inventory, monitoring, planning, research programs, and the Bridge-Seton Watershed Strategic Plan. The SGS team adheres to the following values in the development of programs, services, projects and activities:

  • sustainability; 
  • accountability and reciprocal accountability; 
  • responsibilities/disciplines;
  • partnerships and relationships; 
  • informed decision-making;
  • innovation;
  • factors for collective interests; 
  • cultural integrity; and
  • effective investment of resources – time, people, money. 

About Us

The SGS Environment Program focuses on lands and natural resource issues across St’át’imc territory. Focus areas include water, Mule Deer, Grizzly bear (as an umbrella species), plants, and species at risk. Although salmon are a high priority for the nation, most of this work is funded through other departments and through various existing projects. For more information check out our website by clicking logo below: