St’át’imc Government Services

SGS Organizational Purpose

St’át’imc Government Services (SGS) represents 10 communities: N’Quatqua, Samahquam, Sekw’el’was, Skatin, T’it’q’et, Ts’kw’aylaxw, Xa’xtsa, Xaxli’p, Tsal’alh and Xwisten. We implement the programs from the St’át’imc – BC Hydro Agreements for the benefit of the collective interests of St’át’imc. SGS supports and promotes St’át’imc unity principles and the laws of the land as provided by the Elders (Nxekmenlhalkálha Iti tmicwa) to ensure that cultural integrity is maintained and enhanced.

SGS Mission

Operate as an efficient organization that coordinates and provides advisory services, capacity building, partnership and relationship building, and cultivates opportunities in the areas of lands and resource, heritage and culture, stewardship, BC Hydro relationship, business opportunities, education and training, and service delivery programs.

SGS Values

St’át’imc Government Services is guided by the following values:

Trustworthy and Ethical

SGS values respect. Honesty and integrity, our stewardship Values of tmicw (the land); the interconnectedness of our language, culture and heritage with the land; and the protection and sustainable management of our shared resources for future ucwalmicw St’át’imc people of the land by only taking what we need.


SGS values and strengthens our interrelationships, and the interdependence amongst our Ucwalmicw, communities, Nation and our Creator.

Community Centred

SGS values the needs and interests of ucwalmicw; respects our needs and rights (safety, education, health, dignity and selfdetermination) and respects our history, our language and our culture (knowledge, ucwlmicwts – language, and practices).

Strategic and Competent

SGS is committed to lifelong learning that improves individual and organizational capacity and standards, which is reflective of our traditional leaders’ roles. Our leaders, at all levels, strive to be highly competent, skilled, adaptive and innovative to meet evolving needs.

SGS Mandate and Responsibilities and Report (PDF).

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