St’at’imc Chiefs Council


  • Collaboratively advances, protects and exercises St’át’imc title and inherent jurisdiction;
  • Advocates for and supports community rights and responsibilities as it relates to St’át’imc title and jurisdiction;
  • Upholds the Lillooet Declaration of 1911 and maintains respectful relations within the St’át’imc Territory;
  • Builds and maintains constructive relations with neighbouring Nations and non-aboriginal jurisdictions, for the mutual benefit of all parties.


St’át’imc Chiefs Council is the unified government of the St’át’imc rooted in Nxekmenlhkálha múta7 nt’áqmenlhkalha (Our laws and our way of life).

As the unified government, the St’át’imc Chiefs Council is the organizational embodiment of St’át’imc nationhood. Nationhood respects the integrity and autonomy of each community, while recognizing our interdependence with each other. Through collective strength and unification, St’át’imc:

  • Honour our ancestors’ establishment of the Tmícwsa I Sťáťímca, through safeguarding our relationship to the land;
  • Protect St’át’imc jurisdiction, authority, Title and Rights and its responsibilities as communities, and collectively as a Nation;
  • Foster the development of collaborative relationships that increase the self-sufficiency and self-determination of the úcwalmicw and communities;
  • Increase our ability to collectively defend Title and promote the exercise of rights in a way that benefits the úcwalmicw and communities; and
  • Solidifies our resiliency over time.

Core Principles

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