The Relations Agreement is between BC Hydro, St’át’imc Chiefs Council (SCC) and 11 St’át’imc communities with the goal of building a respectful, effective and evolving relationship. The Agreement provides for ongoing processes for St’át’imc and BC Hydro to work together on the following: information sharing, operations updates, emergencies and unplanned or unforeseen events, business contracting and other opportunities.

Both BC Hydro and St’át’imc have apointed Relations Managers to oversee the Relations Agreement. The St’át’imc Relations Manager is the point of contact for the St’át’imc and all communications to BC Hydro.

The St’át’imc Relations Manager works in partnership with the St’át’imc Communities to promote and support their interests and rights regarding BC Hydro work in St’át’imc Territory.

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