Reservoir Archaeology Program

The Reservoir Archeology Program (RAP) is a provincial program that ensures that all BC Hydro Reservoir operations comply with the BC Heritage Conservation Act. Working with the Archaeology Branch, the program assesses and manages impacts to protected archaeological sites within the active erosion zone.

The active erosion zone is the area between the lowest and highest water values and includes land above the normal high pool that could erode as a result of reservoir operations. The set back area is the area expected to erode during the operational life of a reservoir which varies in distance from the high pool line depending on the terrain and soil types.

The RAP work strives to complete an inventory sample of the types of archaeology sites in the active erosion zones of a reservoir. The inventory work is not intended to survey 100% of the lands but provide a representative sample of archaeology sites in the landscape. Once the inventory work is complete, an archaeological management plan will be created for Downton Reservoir, Carpenter Reservoir and Seton Lake.

Location of the 3 areas assessed in the Reservoir Archaeology Program:

  • Downton Reservoir
  • Carpenter Reservoir
  • Seton Lake

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