Category: St’at’imc Government Services

Áma st̓íqswa Its7a tímckalha
Welcome to our territory

The future is in our hands

We remember our past and ensure
the wellbeing of our people for generations 
to come.

Group picture of people from community with lake and mountains in the background.

Our History

The St’át’imc way of life is inseparably connected to 
the land

Our people use different locations throughout our territory of rivers, mountains and lakes, planning our trips with the best times to hunt and fish, harvest food and gather medicines. The lessons of living on the land are a large part of the inheritance passed on from St’át’imc elders to our children.

The picture describes a close up view of mountain with trees in the foreground.


SGS administers programs to support St’át’imc priorities of effective resource management, upholding our culture, and developing economic opportunities for our people. We support education and training programs, environment monitoring and mitigation, and protection of our heritage.Click below to view the full list of program options and learn more about each.

The picture describes an aerial view of river flowing between mountain and terrain.

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