SGS Appreciation to Darwyn John

St’át’imc Government Services (SGS) wants to express our appreciation to Darwyn John, one of our most respected employees, who is retiring today, April 30, 2024.

Darwyn has worked at SGS as a Wildlife & Lands Technician since starting in 2012. Darwyn has been an integral part of not only our environment team but has been a significant individual for all St’át’imc Nation. He is a trailblazer and front-runner for upholding St’át’imc Title & Rights. He is respected in his Spiritual work by providing spiritual support to families when a loved one has passed on. Darwyn is a man who continually learns/teaches more about St’át’imc knowledge and history and is always ready to pass on the knowledge to others.

If you do not know Darwyn, there is one thing that people who know him say, “You name it, he’s done it.” Darwyn has gotten his Class 1, worked with Highways, driven a school bus, and so much more. Here are only a few of some his major accomplishments from his career and life that we highlighted, and they include:

  • Served as Kúkwpi7 (Chief) of Tsal’alh
  • Trailblazer who helped create the Seton Lake Unit Crew (est. 1989)
  • Upheld St’át’imc Title & Rights by being one of the knowledge keepers who stopped logging from occurring in certain heritage sites (archaeological areas) – “back in the day,” as some say, the logging industry did not believe there was any archaeological significance in specific heritage sites known to St’át’imc. Still, certain individuals (including Darwyn) introduced and proved them as heritage sites and started a domino effect to make them into culturally protected areas. This led to RISC (Resource Information Standard Committee) training and heritage work being introduced into the St’át’imc area.
  • Involved in Heritage, Forestry, and Education work at Lillooet Tribal Council (LTC) and was a part of the first wave of RISC students to complete the training and started to conduct heritage work in the Nation (he was a part of LTC from 1998 to 2012)
  • Completed his Natural Resource Technician and Environmental Sciences through NVIT
  • Worked as a Wildlife & Lands Technician at SGS from 2012-2024
  • Pursuing his Fluency Certificate in the St’át’imc Language (on-going)

Throughout his career, Darwyn has always been a reliable, supportive individual who was willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of projects and his commitment to St’át’imc Nation is an inspiration to all of us.

As Darwyn embarks on a new chapter in his life, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. We know that his talent and skills will continue to benefit all of St’át’imc, and we are proud to have him as part of our organization, and the St’át’imc Nation.

On behalf of all St’át’imc we thank you for your service, contributions, and for being an exceptional member of our team. Congratulations on your retirement!

Here are some words from the SCC Chair, his grand-daughter and a few employees at SGS:

Here are some photos of Darwyn throughout his years at SGS: