Update from Accommodations Working Group

Valley with buildings, roads, and mountains in the background.

One of the more critical studies / engagement activities coming up in the next few months is the Accommodations and Logistics Study.

The study scope includes:


  • Collecting information from agencies about exiting travel routes including known safety and slope stability issues, maintenance practices, planned improvements, load ratings, etc
  • Terrain hazard mapping and rating along relevant routes, including the Hurley, Highway 40 and Highway 99
  • Anticipated traffic volumes and patterns for upcoming BC Hydro projects
  • Options for transporting materials, equipment, and people to and from work sites

Evaluating options and developing recommendations for potential improvements which could include road widening, geometric improvements, re-surfacing, subgrade repairs, sightline improvements, construction of pull-outs.


  • Existing accommodation inventories and planned developments 
  • Project needs for worker accommodation and related amenities  
  • Availability and capacity for food services, telecommunications services, domestic water supply, sanitary sewer services and solid waste disposal  
  • Assessing options including onsite and distributed accommodations 

Understanding interests and concerns related to housing availability and affordability, addressing potential for negative social behaviours related to temporary workers in communities, potential economic and community opportunities related to supply of temporary housing, etc. 

Evaluating options and developing recommendations for potential accommodation solutions 

Community engagement will occur in 2023, please watch for invitations and participate to ensure local knowledge and data is captured and considered in any recommendations.  

Evaluation results and preliminary recommendations are expected in Fall 2023.