Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal

 The St’át’imc Government Services (SGS) is currently seeking proposals from qualified firms to negotiate an agreement between St’át’imc and BC Hydro that provides for the development and maintenance of a long-term Education & Training Program for the St’át’imc. The Program will be a joint program of BC Hydro and the St’át’imc with accountability for the development and implementation being shared equally between both parties. The Training Program objectives are: maximization of St’at’imc Members employment; development and improvement of capacity to work on contracts; focus on specific education & training requirements for employment and contracting positions; provide for apprenticeship opportunities, and address elements of the cultures that may inhibit the achievement of objectives of the program. 

 The St’át’imc Government Services is an indigenous Non-Profit 

The Mission of SGS is to: 

 Operate as an efficient organization that coordinates and provides advisory services, capacity building, partnership and relationship building, and cultivates opportunities in the areas of lands and resource, heritage and culture, stewardship, Hydro relationship, education and training, and service delivery programs. 

Based on shared work- plan these are the four key areas: 

  • Long-term environmental enhancement plans to help restore land, water, fish, wildlife and vegetation; 
  • A heritage and culture plan to help preserve, protect, and promote St’át’imc culture; 
  • A relations agreement to assist in developing a long-term sustainable relationship between the St’át’imc and BC Hydro; and, 
  • An education and training component to build capacity within the Communities. 

Scope of Work 

Overall examination of all education and training agreements and research completed to date with the goal of understanding the needs to further a develop a sustainable 20-year St’át’imc Education & Training Plan, identify key priorities and desired outcomes, and coordinate the negotiation of a long-term agreement between St’át’imc and BC Hydro to support the implementation of the St’át’imc Education and Training Program. 

Proposals should include: A brief introduction to your firm, firm history, size, experience with not for profit and/or First Nation organizations, a detailed fee proposal, timeline requirements for completion, biographies of the key personnel who will be completing the review and references. 

To prepare your proposal submission please request background information from Courteney Adolph-Jones: 

Proposal Submission 

Responses to this RFP are due by noon January 10, 2024 emailed to Bobby Watkinson at:

For access to the RFP files, please contact, Courteney Adolph-Jones, HR Assistant, to request for access to this page.

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